Double K Dog Grooming Dryers

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Double K Dog Grooming Dryers and Blowers manufactures a complete line of dog dryers. The Challengair line includesthe following force dryers, Challangair 2000, Challengair Airmax, Challengair Extreme and Challengair 850. The line also includes the Challengair 560 Cage Dryer and the 9000II Stand Dryer. The force dryers produce heat from their powerful motors, the 560 cage dryer and the 9000 II stand dryer have heating elements. The Challengair 2000XL has an output temperature 45 degrees above ambient room temperature, the Challengair Airmax and Extreme 60 degrees above ambient and the 850 45 degrees above ambient. Challengair Force Dryers are great for blowing excess water and loose coat off the dog while in the tub, makes hair clean up a snap. The Challengair 560 Cage Dryer features a 60 minute timer and temperature sensing circuit to limit the temperature to 107 degrees F. These features make this the safest cage dryer on the market. Two speeds and 2 temperature settings, it doesn’t get any better than this. The Challengair 9000II Stand Dryer features a brushless (no maintenance) motor. Brushless also means no tiny pieces of carbon from motor brushes to stain white dogs. The 9000II Stand Dryer has two heat settings and and variable air flow. The advanced impeller design allows the use of a hose ( included in attachment kit) with almost no loss of power. The gas strut included in the stand makes raising the dryer a breeze.

All dryers are made in the USA and are covered with a two year warranty. Double K offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

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