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Double K Challengair 9000 II Animal Stand Dryer


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Product Description

Double K Challengair 9000 II Animal Stand Dryer

The Double K Challengair 9000 II Animal Stand Dryer is the one of the most practical reliable stand dryers in the industry. There are many features highlighted below  which detail why this machine will not only surpass most all other dryers but its maintenance free motor really boosts its durability. Whether your a groomer, or a veterinarian, or dog show handler this dryer will  increase productivity and keep all your animals safe and comfortable. If you have specific questions or simply need help choosing the right dryer, please contact us today. Our highly specialized team will assist you in purchasing the best animal dryer for your needs.

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Features and technical information:

• Dry Animals Faster with the Most Innovative and Effective Stand Dryer

• Quiet, Powerful and Effective • Reliable Brushless Motor

• Revolutionary Centrifugal Impeller Technology • 2 Year Warranty

• New Durable ‘EZ Roller’ Anti-Fouling Cleanable Casters

1. Great versatility.

2. Powerful BRUSHLESS motor – 1/3 hp horsepower, no maintenance, brushless motor is more powerful than any other stand dryer.

3. More airflow than any other stand dryer – Produces 260 cubic feet of air per minute to dry animals quickly.

4. Quiet operation – Impeller design, housing material and sound damping intake dome all combine to reduce noise levels.

5. Stable, unbreakable 5-legged stand base.

6. Gas spring-loaded adjustable stand assembly – Makes height adjustment almost effortless.

7. Versatile heat and air volume control settings.

8. Ergonomic ratcheting adjustment handles.

9. Unique “motor under” architecture – Creates better center of balance and reduces noise projected to the side of the product. Also allows head adjustment such that air outlet nozzle can be positioned as low as 19 inches and as high as 6 foot 8 inches from floor level.

10. Centrifugal impeller technology – Allows more air with less noise than other fan systems. Also produces air under high pressure, allowing the use of a hose with minimal air volume losses.

11. Air intake filter – Keeps impeller and internal parts clean.

12. Unbreakable, rustproof, dent-proof housing.

13. Optional accessory kit available.

14. Two year limited warranty on parts and labor.

15. 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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Additional Information

Weight55.00 lbs
Dimensions28 × 27 × 14 in

Double K Challengair 9000 II Animal Stand Dryer 110Volts, Double K Challengair 9000 II Animal Stand Dryer 220Volts